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Factory Reset For
Android Smartphones

A factory reset is important because it restores the device back to factory settings the way it was before you pulled it out of the box. No account information, passwords, data (pictures, music, etc.), and more importantly no activation lock. Perform a factory reset on your Android smartphone for return, troubleshooting, or if you are transferring it to someone else. Once you complete all the steps the device will be ready to be returned, or transferred to someone else.

Easy Reset Instructions

Step 1. Backup Android (Optional)

If you have important information on your Android smartphone, complete a backup before proceeding. Back up content, data, and settings from your smartphone device to your Google Account. Recond Electronics is not responsible for any data loss. Depending on the Android version backups are done in a similar way. Here is the article from Android on how to complete a backup:

Tap System > Backup > Back up now > Continue

Step. 2 - Remove Smartphone From Account

It is important to "remove" a device you no longer plan to own from your account. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article android smartphone owners are not able to remove a device from their account. You can hide its visibility. Ultimately you want to disassociate from a device you no longer own to prevent activation lock and future issues for the new owner. Depending on the Android version on the smartphone the instructions may not be exactly the same. On a browser make sure you are signed into your Google account associated with the device, then go to the following Google website and uncheck "Visibility". Optionally you can also turn off "Find My Device" on your smartphone.


Step. 3 - Factory Reset

Make sure to unpair all your wireless devices before you continue (e.g. AirPods, etc.). Factory resetting an Android smartphone will set it back to factory settings. This will erase your account, apps, and data. Instructions are slightly different depending on the Android version running on the smartphone. Here is the official article from Android: https://support.google.com/android/answer/6088915?hl=en

Tap System > Advanced > Reset Options > Erase all data